How will email marketing help me?

Running a business is practically a 24/7 job. And while wearing many hats may suit you, you’ve probably felt like there’s never enough hours in the day to do it all.

As a result, it’s common for marketing to be on the backburner. You’re already juggling so many things, how could you possibly add another thing to your list?

With email marketing, promoting your business, building an audience, and connecting with customers becomes a whole lot easier.

What will I learn in this guide?

In the free guide below, I walk you through everything you need to know to get started with email marketing.

First, I’ll help you build a strong foundation for email marketing success. I’ll help you:

  • set goals
  • understand your audience, and
  • understand what to look for in an email marketing service provider

Second, I’ll help you understand the lingo. You will learn how to start building your email list from the ground up using tools like sign up forms and landing pages.

Next, I’ll show you how to create emails. I’ll walk you through the different types of emails you may want to send, how to design emails that fit with your brand look and feel, and, of course, I’ll share some writing tips to help you send awesome content your subscribers will love.

And finally, I’ll share how to evaluate simple subscriber and message analytics to help you improve your email marketing.

I hope you take advantage and access this free guide that gives you the foundation you need to build your email list, connect with your audience, and grow your business.

Let’s start! Access your free guide HERE


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