How to Write Powerful Direct Headlines

When it comes to drawing in readers, grabbing their attention, and eventually converting them into buyers, crafting a powerful, clever, and relevant headline is essential. And when it comes to headlines, few styles are better proven than the direct headline method.

What is the direct headline method?

It’s simple: when you write a direct headline, your goal should be to state the most important benefit or feature that your product offers buyers. For instance, if you were selling a book about how to improve your golf swing, you might use one of the following direct headlines:

1. Knock 10 strokes off of your golf game in under a month.

2. Impress your boss, family, and friends by mastering this little known golfing technique.

3. Use our 3-point system to boost your drive by as much as 100 yards.

4. Improve your stance to reduce the amount of wind resistance you encounter when swinging.

5. These 10 different stance options will provide you with a massive arsenal of choices when you tee-up next.

Of course, there are many more examples of direct headlines we could consider. For now, we will focus on the essential features that each of these headlines shares. Namely, each of them focuses on a single, important benefit that captures that what is most important about the product (i.e. it will make you better at golf by improving your swing).

As with most copywriting tasks, there are many ways in which you can write a good direct headline. This is because there are always several ways in which you can frame a good product that will sell it equally well. As such, you shouldn’t focus as much on getting the “right” direct headline, but instead to find a good framing that appears to work for your product.

In short, the most important things to remember about writing a powerful direct headline are as follows:

1) keep things clear and brief;

2) focus on an important benefit or feature that captures what the product is all about; and

3) test and track different versions of the headline to determine which is best.

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