How To Write A Confirmation Email

Writing sincere emails help you establish connections with your subscribers; introduces your brand; and builds trust for long-lasting relationships.

Your email listing should include: confirmation emails, welcome emails, newsletters, event invitations and event follow-ups.

Whether you have a lot to say, but don’t know where to start; or dealing with writer’s block; or even if you’re looking for new inspiration to level up your email strategy, then you’ve come to the right place!

Why Write A Confirmation Email?

According to research from Statista, 86 percent of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies! Now that’s…..Amazing!!

What is Your Email List Worth?This is an incredible opportunity to write and send emails that create a positive experience with your brand and motivate subscribers to take action.

The confirmation email gives potential subscribers a choice to confirm if they want to join or ‘opt-in’ to your email list.

Known as a confirmed opt-in (COI) it is a “best practice” in the digital marketing industry and it serves as a filter for those subscribers who aren’t really interested in receiving your emails.

How To Set-Up Your Confirmation Email

Depending on which email marketing autoresponder used, you may have the COI option to turn it on-and-off for different lists. A free 30-day trial autoresponder is available HERE.

When turned on, the confirmation email automatically goes out to subscribers as soon as they sign-up to your email list.

In it, subscribers have to click a link in the email to confirm that they want to receive future emails from you.

By using the confirmed “opt-feature” in your autoresponder and allowing only quality subscribers to join your list, you can improve deliverability and email reputation so that your emails make it to the inbox of more subscribers.

How To Write A Confirmation Email

While your autoresponder will create an automated message, you might have the option to personalize this message (free template HERE).

Since this is a straightforward email, you don’t have to add a ton of bells and whistles to it.

It’s a good opportunity to remind subscribers of who you are, why they’re receiving this email, and the benefit from future emails.


Writing quality content consistently is one of the biggest challenges for anyone sending emails however, it’s worth devoting the time.

Take the guess work out and get your free editable template for your Confirmation Email………  HERE. 

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