How to Start Earning $100,000 per Month (Starting From SCRATCH!)

if somebody is starting from scratch

what are the traits skill sets that they

should be cultivating in order to up the

odds of their success they should focus

on one thing in general rather than lots

of different things that you’re not sure

about because if you’re starting out

everything looks like an opportunity so

correct answer is all of them are

opportunities but all of them won’t work

unless you pick one so boom you pick one

and then from there I always say six

figures is sell something to someone

that’s it and if you want more detail

sell something to someone so it’s one

Avatar one product one channel you don’t

have to figure out just pick one channel

one media Source whether it’s Facebook

Instagram YouTube consistently start

going on that whether that’s cold

outbound whether that’s content whatever

it is and start reaching out to people

there to start selling your stuff you

have to learn how to advertise which I

Define is the process of making now so

you have to advertise there’s six ways

to do it and then once people engage

with whatever advertisement you have

advertising is the first skill selling

and it’s the second skill product would

be the third skill which is the thing

that you’re ultimately advertising and

selling baggage is six figures what gets

the seventh doing the same thing

consistently so usually once people do

it in the beginning they’re sporadic

they’re not consistent with it usually

gets people to 100 000 a month sounds

crazy it’s probably people listening but

most people who think that’s crazy also

haven’t done it consistently for an

extended period of time and so I use

something that I call the rule 100 which

is 100 primary actions whether that’s

100 minutes of content creation per day

100 reach outs per day you have to pick

one of them but 100 per day can you do

that for 100 days and I promise you’ll

be making six figures if you do that

need motivation watch your top 10 with

believe Nation hey Carmichael and I make

these videos because in my first

business I was making 300 bucks a month

I quit on my business partner and the

thing that saved me was studying the

stories of super successful

entrepreneurs so I hope that this story

today helps give you the motivation you

need because I still needed to myself so

today let’s learn from one of the best

Alex hermosi and my take on his top 10

rules of success enjoy

Rule Number Two start small to get

started you have to sell something to

someone that’s it like literally that’s

all one Avatar one product one channel

that’s it so you have one way of getting

customers you sell one thing to one

specific type of person that is all you

need to do to get to six figures

to get to Seven figures you need to

learn how to do those three things comma

reliably comma consistently right so

it’s you know how to sell one product

one avatar on one channel in a

consistent manner so you start having

predictive metrics on how you can

acquire customers so it’s either I spend

this amount of money on advertising and

this is how many you know calls to get

booked and then from that many calls I

get that many you know sales Etc uh if

it’s outbound it’s like I send this many

emails or make this many calls or this

many texts and then it’s been a you know

reply back this many scheduled this many

show this many close Etc if you’re

running organic it’s I know that I need

to have this many posts that I have to

make across these different channels

with call to actions that drive towards

this page for every thousand visitors on

this page I get why opt-ins why you know

what I mean so each of these vehicles or

I have to hit my email list you know

once a week and if I hit it once a week

with a call to action again so all these

are the different ways you can get

customers you can also do Affiliates you

can do referrals there’s many ways to do

it but the point is you pick one Avatar

one channel and one product and then as

soon as you can start predictively uh as

soon as you can start predicting

how many inputs it takes to get an

output then you get to a million right

and at that point you’re you know one

two three million ish a year uh one to

three you have to build out your core

team so that’s usually like the first

five hires first five to ten-ish that

are it depends on the on the

on the ticket of the thing that’s being

sold you know if you’re selling 25 000

things versus 500 things the the team

size is going to be different

but it’s the core team at about 3

million and that’s usually that’s the

reason that we take companies on at

three is usually there because because

there’s a core team and at three million

there’s product Market fit so they’ve

demonstrated that people want this thing

and they have enough support that we can

take them from three to ten three to ten

uh and this is interesting because this

is a mistake a lot of people make it

three and I can stop whenever you want

me to cut the lines of the problems that

come up but the problems that come up at



are that people start getting cute right

and they start saying and here’s what’s

difficult is that you get reinforced on

the fact that the more you Market the

more you sell the more money you make

right and it’s true and you can scale

from there by doing more sales more

marketing and that is what the vast

majority of the industry will do because

they got reinforced doing it early

the problem is that they switch the

objectives the objective of the first

phase of business which for me is like

zero to three is just to demonstrate

product Market fit and an acquisition

channel that is profitable that is the

objective now

at this point we transition objectives

to increasing lifetime value per

customer so this is improving customer

experience putting Data Tracking in


um if there’s an Ascension opportunity

that makes sense we need to build out

that product or service line so that and

this is the big point so that when we do

choose to add another Channel or expand

on our current Channel we can do so more

profitably right where if you just sell

a single product that might not have as

much LTV as you would you know you would

want as you scale or put more in uh your

margins begin to compress so you might

go up to 10 million but your margins

have compressed over time and then you

get in this place where you have to keep

selling to maintain your overhead but

you’re not really taking enough home and

you can’t have enough cash free cash

flow to grow the business and so

sometimes it’s like you have to take the

step back fix the product fix the

customer experience fish fix the the

service fix the data fix the

infrastructure that everything’s built

on probably hire and fire some people

that you promoted a little bit too early

that didn’t have the experience because

they’re actually actually running things

that well

um and then once we fix that stuff then

honestly going from three to ten usually

almost happens on its own once we’re at

10 then we go far more aggressively on

the acquisition side which is you know

the the easiest moniker that I use is

more better new so we do more what we’re

currently doing until we Max that out

and then we do better of what we’re

currently doing is there any cro

opportunity so conversion rate

optimization can we switch this headline

out can we change this lead magnet can

we can we Implement some of the best

practices that we know to get you know

more people to show up if it’s a service

business if it’s a if it’s a product

business now I only focus on service

businesses so lots of me lots of our

stuff is over the phone

um can we change the the video sales

letters and the follow-up emails things

like that all the improvements that can



and then different is okay or new is can

we add a new channel to this so we have

six that we can choose from to get new

customers we’ve got we’ve got we can hit

up our own lists we can do cold cold

outbound we can do content we can do

paid ads we can do Affiliates and we can

do referrals and so those are the only

six ways to get your customers we look

at those six and say of the skills that

we currently have which of these would

make the most sense to add to it and you

can even go adding a new thing within a

current so if you’re running paid ads

it’s like going from Facebook to YouTube

or going from Facebook to tick tock and

so there’s you know is each each one of

those six squares has channels or media

channels that you can or platforms that

you can tap into that give you new

audiences so that was a little bit of a

crash course there but that’s what

allows you to scale from 10 to 30 and

Beyond at 30ish the uh the founders

typically will start feeling constrained

because they are the juju behind the

entire business rule number three be

consistent you are not successful in my

eyes because whenever you see some

outcome you stop the activities which

means you don’t have the trait of

consistency I was like the reason you

aren’t where you want to be is because

you can’t do things repeatedly and so

most people can’t do one thing over and

over again you need to be able to do the

doing without seeing the result of your

doing and you have to keep doing it and

if you can keep doing things independent

and this is both ways if it goes really

well you keep doing the thing that got

you there and if it’s not going well

comma yet you keep doing the thing so

that you get good enough that one day it

will and that’s the shift that most

people don’t make and I think that’s why

most people just stay poor and the

reality is that if you can commit to the

actions and the behaviors and the traits

that you will grow through doing then at

the end of this process a decade later

you will be the type of person who can

do something for a long period of time

and wait and I promise you that if you

have that trade money will never be a

constraint in your life this is from

Atomic habits every winner and every

loser have the same goals

so when you measure Yourself by having

this external thing and people like set


everyone wants to be rich

everyone wants to have a six-pack your

goals don’t make you unique it’s the

activities that you do that make you

unique the goal of the winner is to

commit to the activities the goal of the

loser is to commit to the goal 52 of 18

year olds High School seniors think

they’re going to be millionaires by 25.

the world is going to be shook

many of you will fail and that’s because

most of you have the same goal 52 You

Think You’re Gonna Be A Millionaire

right that’s just math but only a small

percentage will because

if you want to be a millionaire you’re

not going to focus on making the million

dollars you’re going to focus on the

stuff that makes a million dollars and

so when you can divorce

the activities from the outcome then you

can focus on the doing which whether

your income does this over that period

of time your self-esteem Remains the

Same because you’re committing to what

you can control if you can make that

shift it will change your life so I

started making podcasts six years ago I

committed to that process when I signed

on with a YouTube vendor a few years ago

on the first call I said

I’d like to have this channel be

something in five to ten years I was

like We’ll look at it then and see if it

was worth continuing to do I was like

but I’m in for a decade and he stopped

me afterwards he was like I’ve literally

never had a client say that to me ever

he’s like they’re all like how can I get

leads in the first 90 days from YouTube

and like blah blah I was like if we’re

making progress

I’m good

I’ll commit to that I think that if you

can think that way you will get what you

want and then people will ask you a

decade from now man how did you have

this overnight success and blah blah

blah and aren’t you like don’t the

followers and the fans like how does it

not get to your head and you’re like

because it was never the goal and so I

feel just as good at year one as I do at

year eight because the activities that I

committed to remain the same if you can

think that way and you can shift your

perspective it will it’ll decrease your

emotional ups and downs and I think we

all need ways to decrease our emotional

ups and downs in the game of business

because like we need to have second

lives the third lives and fourth lives

and the way to do that is to not put

your life your game playing life in

something that you can’t control but

putting all your game playing life in

the things you can rule number four

reframe your thinking for me a very core

belief that has been I think intrinsic

to at least the material success that

we’ve experienced has been a belief that

meaning is

self-ascribed so that there is no

inherent meaning in the things that we

do or the actions we take or the

outcomes that happen

but only that which we ascribe to it and

so because of that I feel like it’s

allowed me to the point of what you’re

saying about like the amount of pain the

amount of suffering that you have to go

through in order to to achieve the

things on the other side I think it’s

been able to it’s allowed me to reframe

a lot of the discomfort into what if

this just is how it always has been or

what if this is actually amazing

and what if this is exactly what it

should look like and so I think a lot of

times it’s the it’s the discrepancy

between our expectations in reality that

shape the emotions that we have in

response to any given situation bad good

Etc and so I think a lot of people can’t

control their state and I we deal with

this with a lot of the portfolio

companies is it’s like it’s funny

because I don’t even necessarily want to

get in this I want to talk about like

the business and what’s the strategy how

we’re going to execute the stuff but you

know there’s a big percentage of time

where they’re stressed and they think

there’s something wrong with that

so I feel like

a lot of people feel like there’s

something wrong with experiencing human


and so they are stressed and then think

there’s something wrong with them

or they are sad and I know this is the

thing that the keyboards are you know

the fingers are right on top of it

it’s my belief it is contrary and I

accept that


it’s it’s the beliefs we have about our

emotions that are the things that drive

us mad facts

and so somebody’s sad and then they tell

themselves that they’re they’re bad

because they’re sad or they’re wrong to

be sad or they’re a piece of

because they’re sad

um rather than saying isn’t this a

beautiful thought about the human

existence like if I could not be sad

then I would not experience Joy so like

if I say that I don’t want to be sad

anymore then I would also have to give

up Joy am I willing to do that no well

then this is just a part like I can’t

say that I want sunny days if there are

no rainy days

like we don’t say weather is good or bad

it just is

and so I think to the same degree The

Human Experience is also that way too at

least how I Define it and so I think

having that as my backbone frame in

terms of my worldview although

contrarian has helped me a lot in

dealing with the things that often

derail entrepreneurs on their path to

getting what they want and so for me

that’s been very helpful so from a

contrarian standpoint of like Bully you

know Peter thiel’s question like what

closely hopefully do you have that most

people don’t agree with that’s one of

them also to make sure you’re actually

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there rule number five learn to assess

yourself the biggest issue that most

people have is they don’t have the

ability to discern what their Missing

Link is or what their next step is

what’s the if you think about the theory

of constraints which is that a system

will grow until it’s constrained and so

what happens is most people add

potential to a system but they don’t

actually increase the throughput of the

system so for example if I had a a

bridge right and it has a weak Link in

the bridge or let’s say a chain is

probably simpler so if you have a chain

and you have to pull two things the

amount of force that you can put on the

chain is just predicated based on the

weakest leg and so what happens is that

people reinforce a strong link and not

the weak Link in the chain and so they

add potential to the chain but they

don’t actually add any more strength

that can be pulled and so if you think

about the amount of money you’re trying

to make is up as amount of money that

you’re literally trying to pull towards

you that weak link is going to be the

skill deficiency that you have and so

most people solve problems that aren’t

really there and they spend a lot of

their time reinforcing skills that they

enjoy but that’s not their deficiency

and so that’s why like the

entrepreneurship thing is you have to be

a jack of all tradesmaster I’ve known

you have to be good enough to get the

thing across across the Finish Line to

pull you know pull the money towards you

you don’t have to have the strongest

length you just need all the links to be

strong enough and so I think most people

aren’t good at assessing their own

deficiencies and so if the follow-up

question is how do you assess

deficiencies right how do you know

what’s What’s missing

the question is uh what are the revenue

generating activities within a business

how can I get myself closer to those

Revenue generating activities

um and so you can look at products as a

revenue generating activity you can look

at sales and revenue generating activity

you can look at marketing is revenue

generating activity and so if you think

about those as kind of the Three core

pillars of what businessing is and then

you have back of house right you’ve got

Finance you’ve got I.T you’ve got uh the

other pieces but the people who are sent

even in the back office know how to

generate Revenue and bottom line

for for their division so for example my

CFO uh Suzanne chiplet she um you know

she led a 15 billion acquisition uh 5

billion or 1 billion the last company

she was at was 750 million she’s been

dollar one to 100 million two times so

like she’s she’s been there and the

first thing she did on our like our

first interviews like oh you won’t have

to pay for me I was like and she’s paid

very well

um and she’s like you don’t have to pay

for me she’s like I’ll save I’ll save

more than what you’re ever going to pay

me just first six months I’ll save you

that and I was like oh cool and so smart

people know how to do that like like a

an intelligent you know video editor is

going to come and say dude I can 10x the

amount of views that you’re getting on

this thing because he’s going to tie

himself to marketing a good product

person is going to say I can I can

decrease our churn which is going to

increase your LTV I’m going to be able

to get more people to ascend because

they have a higher MPS score and they’re

more likely to want to keep buying from

us like so they have to just figure out

a way to tie whatever the thing if

they’re really passionate about

something by all means go all in on if

you’re I.T then you’re thinking how can

I decrease page load times how can I get

conversion rates up you start getting

into the cro side how can I organize the

data in such a way that the CEO can make

better decisions and we have real-time

reporting against all the sales guys so

we can optimize our funnels towards the

best converting guys right like all of

all aspects of the business can make

more money but people don’t think about

it through that lens so the first thing

is how do I tie what I do every day to

making more money in the business you

connect that dot and then you improve

that connection well number six avoid

stress I get asked about mindset a lot

on podcasts they’re like when you’re

building a business or you’re building

your career there are stressors that

come into play how we manage the

circumstances or the conditions that

come to us it dictates how our life

turns out everybody has bad stuff happen

you probably believed and nodded your

head like yeah everyone has stuff happen

and then we choose to make it bad or

good imagine for a second two children

that are playing one child tells the

other child your nose is really big or

you’re fat

interesting is that the child who hears

it is unaffected and the child who says

it is unaffected they’re like you’re fat

and he’s like huh parent comes in and

overhears it and she’s like oh my God

takes the child that was called fat

Comforts them gives them the expectation

that they should be upset and then tells

the other one that that was bad and in a

moment there was something that is now

traumatic that otherwise wouldn’t have

been and so when we’re kids we walk into

the world with no meaning all we do is

we observe and then whatever the adults

around us tell us and say this means

that we take his fact and it’s not true

it’s their interpretation of the world

and we inherit them and then we spend

the rest of our life trying to undo and

examine these beliefs that we have been

told by people that we probably don’t

agree with when something bothers you

pull it out and look at and say what

happened and why is this bad and what

would it look like if it were good and

so the two tools that I use are time and

volume the volume example is thinking

okay I’m in traffic if this happened

every day would I be upset if it

happened every day I’d probably expect

it which means that I would not be upset

about it because it’s just how things

always are if you want to make it

positive you say well what if every time

I got in a car normally it would take an

hour and today it took 30. I’d be pretty

excited about it and so all we did is

just change the volume on the

circumstance to recalibrate the meaning

that we’re choosing to ascribe to it

good or bad I like to think of

circumstances a lot like weather which

is like you’ve got sunny days and you’ve

got rainy days and the problem in my

opinion is that people any day that it

rains they say is bad and any day that’s

Sunny they say is good when in reality

it just is it’s just the weather

contrast is what create the quote good

and bad when reality there’s just a

middle line and half of it’s above and

half of its below then what we can do is

artificially move the line in our minds

by saying whatever this circumstance is

what would it look like if it were worse

and what would it look like if it were

worse all the time and if so then maybe

today’s a good thing the second frame

that I like to use is time a hundred

years out but 10 000 years out how much

is this going to matter the reason

something affects you is because you

have deemed it meaningful you’ve said it

matters it’s my world view that nothing

matters with a capital M like nothing

matters in the universe it doesn’t

matter there’s this statue of a head

that’s in the Sands of Egypt all right

and it’s bigger than this whole room and

it’s just the head it’s worn out and

then scripted along the forehead it says

here lies

crazy name who owned everything that the

eye could see the immortal so-and-so and

the only thing that was left was a worn

out statue head that no one knew who he

was and it was five thousand years old

if that guy who ruled the known world to

him wealth probably mattered right but

does it matter no probably not I’ve

relieved a lot of the pressure in my

life so that I could make better

decisions by zooming way out and

thinking ten thousand years from now

will this matter and if the answer is no

does it matter to me and then if I can

make the decision of like good or bad

based on my new context that I created

then I can live a life a lot easier and

so for me that helped me decrease

anxiety it helped me decrease sadness

around certain circumstances and I’ll

give you the last example of this so Ida

cat named Bill Chill Bill rest in peace

homie Love the cat he died it’s like

some freak heart thing or something so

you died in like two years when he died

I was bumped I was like this sucks then

I thought to myself what if cats only

normally lived six months how stoked

would I be that he lived four times the

normal length of a normal cat I was like

I’d probably be really stuck be like

dude he lived a long life I can’t

believe we had him this long and all of

a sudden my perspective around the death

completely changed I was like I was so

grateful that I got to have him as long

as I did when you play with time and you

play with volume first off we have to be

aware of the levers of meaning that

exist and then once you’re aware of them

you can start moving them in your favor

and then looking at your current

conditions through different lenses and

say what would this mean if it were

amazing what would the conditions have

to be in order for this to be an awesome

thing and then all of a sudden you just

exit the game of happy sad and get to be

your own game maker at least that’s what

I tried to do when I get upset look at

it pull it apart thing like is this real

is this true rule number seven improve

your decision the thing is is your

decision-making process is ultimately

the most valuable thing valuable thing

that you have right it’s what makes you

it’s your picker right it makes you

decide what what way to go who you’re

going to marry what business opportunity

you’re going to pursue how you’re going

to price how you’re going to start

marketing what you’re going to learn

first who you’re going to you know get

mentoring from all of these things who

you’re going to become friends with like

all of these are decisions right and

you know you can take the money away

from a billionaire and then they can

recreate it again Elon Musk you know

lost it and then gained it all back

right and so like the thing is is the

decision making is what ultimately fuels

all these things and the hardest part

about entrepreneurship and really I mean

I think almost life in general is that

you can make the right decision and have

the wrong outcome and I think and let me

give you a couple examples of this so

for example

um you may say you know what like I look

I listen to Warren Buffett I think he’s

a good investor and so he says I

wouldn’t I wouldn’t touch Bitcoin right

and I hear that I’m like man well he

knows a little bit more about it than I

do but his argument was simple it is

speculative which means I’m buying it

not because it has intrinsic value but

only because I believe that someone else

will buy it for more later right that’s

all it is he only believes in investing

in things that have intrinsic value and

also produce right so they actually have

production so like a business you buy

you still own the business at the end

and then it spits out production which

would be profit or crops or whatever


so that’s the basic difference right and

so the thing is is that you can make the

right decision so for example I chose

not to buy Bitcoin two years ago or

whatever and now the amount of money

that it would have been worth is a lot

more was the decision wrong or was it

that the outcome

did not match the quality of the

decision and so let me explain let me

like unpack this

if you are going to change the way you

make decisions because a decision that

you made in the past that was probably a

good decision ended up bad

you have to apply the same decision

making context or framework to

everything else all right so let me

explain so if I say I’m now going to be

a Speculator right I’m going to be

someone who buys things with the hopes

of selling them later for more even

though the thing itself doesn’t have

more value right

if I choose to start making those types

of decisions then I have to think about

all the other Investments I would have

made and lost money on as a result of

that decision making framework and the

place that I heard this first was Ray

dalio in principle so he’s he’s one of

the richest men in the world an investor

as well he said one of the hardest

things is passing up on an opportunity

and then seeing it you know do really

really well right it’s like and but the

thing is is

I have to think to myself if I were to

use the decision making framework that

would have made that deal a winner then

I have to apply that same framework to

all of these other businesses or

situations that would have been losers

and my net net of having that different

decision making framework would

ultimately cause me to lose and so this

has been one of the most powerful

concepts for me as an entrepreneur

because what it does is it allows me to

separate the outcome from the quality of

the decision why was it that I did these

things right and I I can’t even tell you

like so for example

you know actually I Won’t Give me give

that one but like their their decisions

that I made when I was younger

that ended up being you know poor later

but when I thought back about why I made

the decision I would make the same

decision today so it’s not fair for me

to say well I wouldn’t have made the

same call now but you can’t use the

information that you have today to make

the decision that you would have made in

the past because then it means that you

were a different person because you’re

not using information that you have

access to right and so claiming that

this decision that I did in the past

that didn’t end up well you know working

out in my favor was the wrong call can

just be really poisonous and it may not

be true now if you make a mistake

because you had poor calculations and

you repeat the same mistake over and

over again then you should consider

looking at your decision making calculus

and see if you need to tweak some things

right but for me this has been one of

the hardest learned lessons and

emotionally one of the most trying

is looking at decisions I’ve made

looking at the outcome and being able to

separate was this a good decision

independent of the outcome and I’ll wrap

this up with just a quick example to

show you if you had a perfect baseball

swing right you’re just an amazing you

know batter right if someone gets up

there and they’re the best batter in the

world and you strike out

is it because their swing is horrible is

it because they they don’t have the

right decision making about how they

swing at pitches or how they pick the


probably not he’s probably really good

batter right because I just said he’s

the best but it still means he’s going

to strike out and it still means he’s

gonna he’s gonna get out and hit pop

flies and all that kind of stuff but

he’s going to be an amazing batter

with 300 you know a 350 average or

whatever and still two out of three

times he’s gonna strike out or basically

you know not get on base get out and so

when I think about that like you can be

the best at this thing and still only be

write a certain percentage of the time

right and so rather than that bad or

striking out once and saying I need to

change my swing and then getting back up

there and striking out again and be like

I need to change my swing and always

resetting the Baseline

instead being like I understand that if

I apply this swing to enough at bats

quite literally I will get the

opportunity to knock it out of the park

and Me Knocking out of the park on one

of these right decisions will ultimately

outweigh the negatives of the wrongs

that I have done rule number eight find

true happiness I think a lot of my

definitions have been defined by my

actions and so I am the person who has

done these things and I will do things

that will get me closer to the things

that I want to achieve

and so a lot of my definition of self

has always been based on evidence and so

I think it was harder for me in the

beginning because I didn’t have evidence

to support what I hope to be true about

myself which at the time wasn’t

and so and what did you hope to be true

that you could figure it out or was it

always a result that you Associated it

to I mean it was I want to make more

money than my dad you know I mean that

was that was the thing you know for me

and that was that was all I needed you

know what I mean I didn’t I didn’t have

there was I remember thinking

uh uh in college because I you know

you’re young in college and it’s like be

happy and all that stuff and I just

remember being like happiness and that

was like a moment for me I was like

happiness I don’t care about happiness I

want to do this why didn’t you care

about happiness that’s very

counterintuitive even now super

counterintuitive at that age yeah

um because I was obsessed with how not

happy I was and so so the things you

were doing that weren’t designed to make

you happy that’s what’s weird so I was I

was so obsessed with like positive

psychology and I was reading all these

stuff and watching these TED Talks I

remember the whole I remember this whole

period of My Life

um and I was constantly assessing my

mood as a determination whether I was

happy or not it became so obsessive that

I was just like all of this I was like

I’m just gonna douche and

that’s all I was like I’m just gonna

douche and hopefully it works out and

did you ever Define what works out means

if it isn’t happy less be less unhappy I

would say it was my my thought process

it’s which is like I’m just gonna do the

things and so I shifted from a lot of

introspection internal mood regulation

and thinking and stuff and I think a lot

of the reasons that I have the World

Views I have about you know emotions and

whatnot have come from this kind of

initial experience so it’s like I had

that and then I just started working and

then I found myself

actually looking up after you know a

decent period of time being like you

know I’m actually I haven’t thought

about happiness in a long time


I think I might be

and so I also don’t really like the word

happiness because it’s circumstantial

versus Joy but like I experienced Joy

significantly more now than I did than

when I was younger and I think it’s

partially because like you can be

mournful and enjoy but we’ll have to say

like so like if someone imagine someone

like it’s like an appreciation of The

Human Experience

like this is terrible but like even like

even in the suffering there’s Beauty in

that you know what I mean because it’s

purely human yeah and so I think it was

disconnected interesting that that it

matters to me as well but I’ve never had

to articulate it what what is the

connection to like The Human Experience

that is so

valuable that it’s joyful even in

mourning I think it’s just understanding

both sides of the coin I feel so like so

like if there’s a few things that I

believe it is that is that like

I right now they’re you know there’s

things in my life that I don’t like that

I wish were better and there are things

in my life that I really like and you

know 10 years ago it was the same way

and 10 years from now it’ll be the same

way and when I die there will be stuff

that I will not have accomplished that I

will wish I had there will be things

that I wish I had done better that I

will not have done and there will be

things that I have done that I am proud

of and so like those things are not

going to change and so if the only thing

I mean this sounds I hope and not overly

tried but it’s like all I can do is just

enjoy the game and it took me a really

long time to get there like it took me a

really long time to get there

um or at least it felt that way or at

least it felt like I suffered a lot on

that process

um which is why I have a heart for

people who are like dude I’m you know

I’m super sad I’m super depressed

whatever it is because I judge myself so

much on not being happy all the time

because I thought there was something

wrong with the fact that I wasn’t happy

that I drove myself insane not being

happy rather than just being like you

know what maybe I’m just gonna do the

stuff and just happiness for a minute

and so I think it’s like when we have

these uh like am I happy am I not happy

I think my my opinion is that you you

have to rise above it

so that you can just see you can feel

the Spectrum which is just being present

because I think again Alex is two cents

um have been around that long uh

if you are present you can you’re

present like most people aren’t present

ever and so it’s like if I can just be

present even in my suffering I’m there

right then I can experience joy for

being human and having this experience

that I only get once and

the biggest frame shift that I’ve had in

terms of my experience of living has

been it’s it sounds it sounds weird but


something I’ll call the grandfather

frame which is I learned how to become

apathetic right because that that took

that took me time to stop feeling pain

rule number nine transfer skills once

you cross like getting from a million to

three million is very difficult

um because you have to learn an entirely

new skill set which is like you have to

hire your first team right and that’s

that’s very difficult for a lot of


um you know three to ten is difficult

because you have to unlearn the thing

that made you successful up to this

point which is you’re focusing on front

end rather than on product and back end

and so that becomes it’s very difficult

it’s like it’s like spiritually

difficult at that point you know what I

mean once you’re at three to ten you’re

already out of the like I have to work I

have to cry my face off in terms of like

hours in because at some point the

amount of work that has to get done

surpasses your ability to work which

means you have to work through other


um you know at 10 million the difficulty

is you have to give up even more control

and so at each of these levels you’re

giving up different types of control you

know in the beginning you’re giving up

control of fulfillment

um the next level you’re giving up

control of sales then you’re giving up

control of you know finances things like

that then you’re giving up control of of

marketing and you’re giving up control

of managing all those things then you’re

giving up control of leading you know

the company uh and so on and so forth so

like there’s always this relinquishing

of control which is I would say

spiritually very difficult and it’s easy

to say very hard to do and that’s what

we look for in the portfolio companies

that we’re thinking about taking on we

look at the CEOs and we’re like do I

think this person has the humility to

give up control when it is required and

Rule Number 10 the last one before some

very special bonus Clips is live with

gratitude recently I’ve been trying to

toy you with one that would create

gratitude there’s a clip that went

pretty viral not that long ago it’s also

my number one tweet of all time which is

when I was 20 I wanted to be a

millionaire now that I’m a millionaire I

want to be 20. when I’m 85 years old and

in my mind I imagine I will be a

multi-billionaire at that point I know

that I would give up everything that I

have of material wealth just to be poor

and 20 again I call this the frame of

the grandfather or the grandfather frame

and it works like this if you’ve ever

looked at pictures from your past and

you look at where you grew up or you

look at you know your old room or you

look at a picture of you with old

friends doing something we tend to feel

these feelings of nostalgia and I try to

quantify like what is Nostalgia so to me

Nostalgia is gratitude in the present

for past circumstances for whatever

reason we’re able to kind of look past

all of the kind of minutia of how we

were feeling our moods and we’re able to

kind of like see big picture the things

that we are grateful for take a pause

here I’m sure all of us have tons of

childhood and things that we wish were

different and blah blah blah blah but

there are still elements of our past our

childhood are adolescents our teenage

years our college Years whatever it is

right where you feel grateful some of

you guys are superstars and are always

grateful for everything and I’m you know

I’m Jelly I don’t roll that way it’s not

like I wake up and I’m like man I just

want to count my lucky stars like I just

don’t that’s just not how I function and

I’ve been trying this on and I I hope

you do too because it’s been it’s been

really like improving my life I tried to

do this I wake up thinking to myself if

I were 85 years old and I got to go

through a time machine and be back in my

body as I am now to experience my life

from my 85 year old self seeing it again

if I wake up and I feel my body and I’m

like oh

this is so nice I don’t have all the

joint pain ah my wrists don’t have

arthritis and then I wake up and I’m

like I remember when we used to live

here even when I looked at Layla this

morning I was thinking to myself man

like this is my wife right at the

beginning of our marriage you know we’re

only six years in we wake up and we walk

over to you know to have our coffee in

the morning which we always do and I’m

like isn’t this so nice I remember when

we used to have coffee here together

this is great and I look out the window

look how young Vegas looks it doesn’t

have all these buildings and these

flying cars like it does now it’s it’s

so underdeveloped compared to what it is

today and I feel gratitude for an

external just environment which I would

never really think that but I know that

my 85 year old self will totally

appreciate those things and as I’m going

through the day applying that frame also

to business where I can see the you know

the CEOs of our companies and the people

that work within our holding company at they’re stressed about

things and in my mind I’m thinking oh

isn’t this cool that we get to do this

together isn’t that fun isn’t that neat

look how cute that is it is the most

powerful frame that I’ve encountered I

think the reason it’s so powerful is one

it operates almost in entirely from a

frame of gratitude that for me I can

feel for whatever reason gratitude

journals the meditations things like

that like I don’t feel that but thinking

about my 85 year old self being able to

re-experience life through my 32 year

old body it’s really shifted how I see

things and also decreases the amount of

anxiety and stress I have over outcomes

because I’m like this isn’t going to

matter in the long run I also think it

helps from a business the term loosely

but like a business wisdom perspective

because when you think about the

decisions you think about it within the

larger context of your life and you’re

not like oh yeah I’m going to make that

short-term dollars because you’re like

I’m 85. I don’t have anything to prove

you know what I mean if you think about

like the really stressful things you’ve

had happen in your past I feel Nostalgia

for the sleeping on the floor that I did

at my gyms for how tired I used to be at

the end of the day of taking 20 plus

consoles for months and months and

months on end and rather than feeling

stressed about it or resenting the fact

that I have to do it like I get to do

this I get to make videos talking to a

camera look at my 32 year old self-go

trying to make his content trying to

help other entrepreneurs like Isn’t that

cool if I had to characterize seasons of

my life I would say I was very angry as

a teenager and young adult and then I

went from Angry to being aware of the

deficit between where I was and what I

considered to be happiness from there I

kind of switched to what I have

affectionately called the happiness

Mantra which I lived for a very long

period of time which was I stopped

trying to optimize for happiness at all

and just really stopped thinking about

it altogether which I think moved me

closer to something that I would

consider to be Joy you can be joyful

independent of circumstance because Joy

is from within happiness tends to come

from external right it comes from

circumstance and I think when we look at

the grandparents or at least the people

that are older that I aspire to be is

like they just have an internal Joy they

have gratitude for being able to live it

one last time because the end of the day


it is our last time

how do we behave the reason that this is

so important is that it’s one thing to

know where you’re going but it’s another

thing to know how you’re going to get

there and so this is just as true in

business Partnerships and marriage in

terms of what you want uh to have happen

and how you want to get there um as it

is in business okay and so what I want

to do is actually just walk you through

the three values that we have at and why we believe them

and so from an overarching perspective

the way to come to values um is to look

at what are the non-negotiables okay and

so what I mean by that is and every

company is different because the core

thing about values is that they have to

be things that are true and innate to

you right like for example at Southwest

uh have fun is one of their core values

and if someone does not want to have fun

or does not believe in the processes

that they do to have a good time then

that is a non-negotiable for them that

person cannot work at that company it is

a fireable offense and so these are not

aspirational these are not things that

you would like to have these are things

that are core to who you are as a person

and as a team all right and so when you

decide on these non-negotiables they are

by their very nature non-negotiable

which means that you hire based on these

you Fire based on these and these are

the core Spirit of the team and some of

the mistakes that I see when people make

values is that one they don’t draw the

line in the sand and it’s one of the

core things about a value is that it has

to you have to be able to say this is

not this right you have to be able to

say okay between Justice and mercy we

lean towards Justice or we lean towards

Mercy which means you have to repel

people with your values all right and so

if your values do not repel people then

they are not values they are platitudes

okay and so it’s very important the next

thing is that when you’re making your

values the values themselves need to be

ideally said in words that you would

normally say so if you have little

sayings inside of your community then

then a lot of times those can become

some of the values you have so for

example Jim launched one of our first

portfolio companies uh speed is King do

the boring work these were different

ways I mean we could just say work ethic

but that’s not the way we would have

said it we could have said be fast or

fast turnaround times but speed is King

was the way we would have said it okay

and so some of the things that I’ve

learned with this is also you cannot

have too many values as in I’ll say it

differently you can have too many values

you have to be very selective at the the

true core values of the company all

right and so if you’re you know between

two a lot of times you just have to

chunk up uh and kind of get a broader

value but they become the core and I

think that what we have found is that

three is The Sweet Spot and that number

is continued to distill down over time

but I think three is the amount that

your human brain can comprehend as

lenses to make a decision right and the

reason these values are so important is

that when you scale the company you have

to scale decision making which means you

have to scale the frame with which you

duplicate the decision-making process

which is should I hire this person even

though Alex is not involved in this do

they align with the core values and the

more string values the easier it is to

have a black and white example of I

think this person means two out of the

three or one out of three but we only

accept three out of three and I will

tell you this as an additional point if

you have core values in the business I

would relay them to all aspects of your

life if you would not do business with

someone for a decade do not do business

with them for a day it’s one of the

nabalisms that I like a lot and so if

you wouldn’t if you don’t want to deal

with this client for a decade don’t deal

with them for a day if you wouldn’t deal

with this employee for a decade don’t

deal with them for a day you have to and

and the extent to which you hold your

line of intolerance around these truly

non-negotiables will dictate the health

of the organization and if you make

these non-negotiables and realize that

there are people in your organization in

your client base that do not ascribe to

these then you must make the changes to

fix it and that is the pruning of the

tree that will ultimately grow the tree

alright these are the short-term pains

for the long-term gains there are a lot

of different things that come up in the

business world where I will see people

conflate or mistake what thing they are

solving right and most times when I’m

talking to a newer entrepreneur or even

a more established entrepreneur and they

reach out for help or guidance or

whatever right or it’s one of our

portfolio companies most times they’ll

start talking right really fast about

all this stuff to try and provide

context and I’ll just usually pause them

and be like what problem are we solving

it usually gets them to stop right and I

would I would highly advise you if

you’re if you’re dealing with if you

have subordinates or you have direct

reports uh who roll into you and they

have a whole bunch of decisions a lot of

times it can get caught and sometimes

ourselves too we can get caught in the

in the day-to-day the minutia and just

simply pause and say what problem are we

solving there’s so many pieces of this

that I want to unpack that I think are

going to be really interesting for you

but the first one is when you define

what problems you are solving you might

even have to ask the question is that a

problem when some people are like well

hey we’re getting you know customer

service complaints it’s like okay


is this something that we believe that

we can reasonably eliminate is this

something that is catastrophic to the

business or is this something that we

can kind of try and improve over time

you know through systems and process

right and so a lot of times people

misprioritize problems because they

perceive them as as threats to existence

when in reality they are a course of

doing business and things that be can

constantly improve right especially if

you’re newer you’re starting out of

course your product’s not going to be

perfect yet right you’re just getting


but you improve these things rather than

thinking I have to stop everything to

fix this problem right and so the first

frame shift is that most people think in

terms of like I have a problem to solve

rather than a dichotomy to be managed as

in these are two things that will always

exist all right I’ll give you a

different example of this

um actually this will be a fun one the

reason we will probably never have

people who are all happy about a tax

code is because you cannot have both

fairness and equality equality means

everyone pays 10 percent fairness means

the rich people pay more than the poor

people that’s fair this is equal both

are ideals and yet somehow they’re not

the same thing and yet both are right

and so because of that we will always

have this conflict it’s the same thing

between Justice and mercy both of them

are ideals both of them are right and

yet somehow they’re conflicting and so

we we see these situations and this is

why I’m trying to hopefully give this to

you because the more I started to

recognize these patterns the more

quickly I can recognize them and then

identify by them and then either dismiss

them or say oh it’s another one of those

right it’s a pattern recognition it’s

like oh you guys are spending all this

effort trying to solve a problem that is

unsolvable this is a dichotomy that must

be managed and will never be eliminated

and so I think what my goal with this

video is if I can help you get out of

these little mental hamster wheels uh

it’s been incredibly valuable for me all

right so that’s the dichotomy that’s

like one of the one of the things that

people will mistake they’ll mistake a

dichotomy for a problem that needs to be

solved all right another framework

um that that I find immensely valuable

is the concept of of a Continuum versus

a binary all right this is probably one

of the biggest mental errors that people

make when they’re trying to identify

things and this is what I mean by that

so for example I might say I’ll use a

weight loss example so people will say

something like uh I am off my diet or

I’m on my diet right it’s a very simple

thing and that’s because psychologically

we like to be binary we like to label

things as you yes or no but biology and

reality exist on continuums as in to

what extent did you go off of your diet

right did you go 200 calories average

you go 500 calories over and as even

though it is quote more difficult to

think in this way it is also more

accurate and so our brain uses binaries

as placeholders for decision making to

store data right when in reality when

you start storing all these binary

decisions they start adding up and you

start getting more and more unaccurate

if that’s a word on your decision-making

process because you’re actually basing

your decisions not on facts but based on

binary shorthand that your brain saves

and so that is one of the biggest

mistakes that I see all the time in

thinking in entrepreneurs and really in

anything in general because we like to

have that shorthand it is easier right

it’s easier to say I fell off my diet or

I am diabetic when the reality is it’s

not whether you are diabetic it’s how

diabetic are you right kind of

interesting I stole that from Dr cashier

but I just love that um who’s my closest

friend he’s a biochemist and we talk

about this stuff all the time point

being if you can think about this within

I’ll give you I’ll give you a business

example so if we have a a binary where

people are saying yes or no which is

let’s say Facebook doesn’t work

marketing doesn’t work I hear these

statements all the time and you may

laugh at this right but I get DMs like

this all the time Facebook doesn’t work

for me marketing doesn’t work for me

like you can’t sell this way in my

business right and so people want to

shorten a problem into yes it works no

it doesn’t work when so much of business

and problem solving is understanding the

Nuance between where we’re starting and

where we’re going and it’s to what


has Facebook not worked right where is

the fall off right it is not that it

doesn’t work it is just we only got it

to work this percent right now we need

to get all the way over the hump to get

there but it’s to what extent and I

think that when I when if you if you can

ask the right questions if you can see

the problems as they truly are they

become far more solvable and so this has

been probably I just gave you two of my

my best frames that I think with all the

time all right so I’ll say these again

so the first uh mental lapse I’ll say

that I see all the time

is mistaking a dichotomy that needs to

be managed for a problem that needs to

be solved people do this in their

marriages as well right so you look at

your wife right you look at your wife

and you’re like I need more variety

right but later you’re like I need more

consistency and you’re like we have to

figure this out we need variety we need

consistency it’s like yes you need both

right and so it’s not a problem to be

solved it’s a dichotomy to be managed I

would say there are days that I feel

like less energized or things like that

for sure not about like the big picture

of like I don’t believe that this cause

is not worthy but I do think a lot of

people have that too where they’re like

what I’m doing is meaningless right and

then I get into I think everything’s

meaningless and then we can just create

whatever meaning you know we choose to

because if we don’t believe in a capital

M meaning which a lot of people disagree

with that’s fine but if you don’t

believe in a capital N meaning I think

that’s very freeing because then you can

create Little M meaning for whatever you

want and so if you believe you can then

choose to architect your own life in

whatever ways that you deem meaningful

and make the activities you do aligned

with that meeting the difference in

capital M meaning and Little M meaning

and this is kind of like the basis of

nihilism which people have like a very

negative Viewpoint around which I’m not

entirely sure about why but like Capital

I’m meeting means that like this is the

meaning of life period like for everyone

this is the meaning of life whereas if

we say that there is no single agreed

upon meaning of life and then people say

well then that is your big meaning of

life and I’m like yes you’re right I

believe that there is no meaning that is

the meaning that I that I believe and

they’re like well then that is the

capital then sure that’s my capital A

meaning is that there is no meaning

what’s the implication of that it means

now that we have meaning making machines

in our brain and so we get to create and

Destroy meaning as we see fat and so if

we choose an activity and we deem that

goal meaningful because we think it’s

more interesting or it energizes us then

we can ascribe meaning to that and do

more of it and what’s nice about not

having capital M meaning is that that

can shift right that might be good for a

season and then it can shift I will say

that the downside of not having capital

M meaning which I consider to be

religion off the shelf is that it’s more

difficult because you have no one who’s

saying here’s the big box of rules you

can read it and then that way you don’t

have to make the decisions about it but

I think it’s more difficult but and

ultimately more rewarding if you have

reasoning behind why you believe what

you believe because then you have to

independently come up with your own

conclusions about those things it also

makes it malleable so that if you get

new data or new evidence then you can

change your mind which a lot of people

again have difficulty with but like if

you change the information then it would

make sense that if it materially changes

the outcome that the way that you

believe about something should change

and I think a lot of people will

identify with their beliefs as a part of

themselves rather than as what I prefer

to call them which is assumptions

because they work the same way what’s

the difference in belief and assumption

not a lot right the only difference is

just what we call the word and so

assumptions are based on things that

we’ve observed and then we assume

something as a result and so I would say

that beliefs are just assumptions and

but when you call them that they become

less tied to your identity if you have

an assumption you don’t say you

challenged my assumption it’s like well

yeah it challenged my assumption Ah

that’s great I I was assuming this it

must be this and then they become much

more flexible and then we don’t tie our

egos into them and I think ultimately it

serves more people better in the long

run why are you trying to change

people’s perception of you when you can

just change who you are and let their

perceptions catch up the only way you’re

going to change your reputation is by

being different he’s like you need to

stop being this person that does all

these things and your reputation will

catch up and even if it doesn’t you’ll

always know and honestly it barely

scraps the surface because my ego was so

high and I was like no I just have to

think of a better way to like Market

myself but I ended up knowing that he

was very serious about the threat of

pulling me out of school if I didn’t get

my grades up and so what I ended up

doing for the next half of the semester

of my first semester freshman year is I

didn’t go out at all I didn’t drink

anymore I really didn’t like hang out

with girls at all and all I did was

study and I was able to pull my might

have been one two it was very low up to

a 3.2 for the semester which basically

meant I got an A on everything from that

point for the rest of the semester and

so when I went back home he was like

well now you know you can do it and so

we should always expect that that is

what you’re going to get from here on

out and it also kind of proved it to

myself too I was like I guess I can do

this and you know what happened is after

I started switching that way

people still thought of me as a

and I still had to deal with that it

took like two years to really reverse

the reputation that I had acquired in

the first three months I think during

that period of time I grew an

appreciation for how easy it is

especially in First Impressions to set

the wrong one and how hard it is to

overcome a negative impression and my

reputation overall the realization I had

was there’s too many people that you’re

interacting with in the world to try and

curate reputation

the only way to change your reputation

is to change who you are reputation is

fundamentally just what people say about

you to your face and behind your back

I’m not saying that you need to care

about what everyone else thinks that’s

not really the point of this it’s much

more if one person says you’re an

whatever if every person you

know says you’re an like you

might be an and so if you have

one of those situations where you feel

like the proof or the evidence is

overwhelming and you might even believe

it then it’s probably you I think that

for me getting out of the hole like I

can control this and try and curate what

people think about me and transitioning

to be like at the end of the day I’m the

only person who knows who I am and I

don’t like who I am and just saying like

well how can I get to a point where I

would like me even if everyone else

hated me how can I like me when I

started operating from that place it

really changed my life because then I

started thinking like what version of me

do I want to be and what does that guy

do well that guy studies really hard and

that guy works out really hard and that

guy’s a really good friend he’s always

respectful doesn’t have an ego and it

took me a long time and I still work on

this stuff you know I mean I’m not

saying I’m done by any any sorts of

imagination but but I think that if you

can simply shift the perspective of like

I’m going to try and appear this way to

like I want to be this way if it just so

happens to get captured great and if it

doesn’t great and there’s this this

quote by Eric that I’m probably gonna

butcher but he says if you need someone

else to tell you something about

yourself you are out of Integrity

because you can always be your own

witness I think that that’s a great

point to wrap the this little video

Lesson up with because that piece

strikes to the core of everything which

is we are our own Witnesses and if we

want to change our reputation we need to

change a reputation with ourselves first

and then eventually it will reflect in

the world we think that for some reason

we are doing something wrong when we are

not self-caring because it is bad too

not self-care because we should we must

or else or what and the reason this

pisses me off the reason that I made a

tweet that went viral this morning about

this is that weekends are new for humans

they’re not even 100 hundred years old

1929 in England is when the first

weekend got passed by a union and it’s

because people hated what they were

doing for their life and so if you want

to truly give self-care then stop hating

what you do every day novel concept I

know stop hanging out with people that

suck mind-blowing like I said I know and

the reason that I am so passionate about

this is that I have been told throughout

my entire life that I was working too

much I was not balancing the things that

I was supposed to be balancing and you

know what who gives it’s my life I don’t

need to live by anyone else’s rules and

neither do you right and so when people

say you should be doing this you are not

doing XYZ just take a pause and be like

are these rules that I want to listen to

are those your rules that you’re trying

to apply to my life because there are no

rules you can do whatever the hell you

want if you want to work for a year

straight work for a year straight and

the reason you can work for a year

straight is because you like what you do

the reason these people try and project

their own self-hatred for their own

lives on to use because because they

cannot imagine a world in which someone

might actually like what they do every

day and didn’t don’t need an escape a

break from what their existence is on a

daily basis and so don’t feel guilty for

just being you and if you don’t like

your life every day rather than try and

figure out and make time for self-care

it would probably be better to flip the

ratio and start thinking what can I do

in my actual life to stop hating it so

much that I need an escape from it right

and that’s different from like yes you

need to sleep yes you need to you know

rest Etc but there’s a difference

between that and like I just need a

total spa day and if that’s how you

relax cool but the thing is is

projecting on someone else how they

should must need to have to relax or do

whatever it’s nonsensical it doesn’t

exist right I wanted to make this video

even though it’s short because I it just

drives me bananas if you want to work

work if you want to take off take off

just don’t listen to what anyone else

says about what you should do for your

life you’re going to die and so will

they and it’s not going to matter and 10

Generations don’t even remember your

name so do what you want you’re going to

die and that is the ultimate freedom and

for some reason we live under these

chains that we think exists but don’t

and so I think the process of of growing

and really making ourselves free is just

simply identifying the things that don’t

really exist and only existed in our

mind to begin with and I think that’s

why self-creator really bugs the

out of me or this whole self-care

movement it’s also soft as like

just work right to get it done you need

to like give yourself a bubble bath

every day because like your work’s so

hard like humans been here a very long

time we’ve dealt with much much harder

your you know boss having a deadline the

next day is not the worst that you’ve

been through and so as a final sign off

on this think about the hardest things

that you have been through in your life

everyone has gone through hardship

everyone has had difficulties in

childhood everyone has had difficulties

with siblings with parents blah blah

blah blah these events that shape Our

Lives you have been through harder than

this you will survive it will be okay

you don’t need to self-care you don’t

need to listen to what anyone else is

saying you do you and if that means

self-care by all means just don’t

projects on anyone else I think that the

whole ego death concept that we were

talking about the very beginning I try

not to talk about this too much because

I think it’s it’s um a lot of people

find take offense to it and I don’t mean

it that way I sure this is just what

worked for me and not as a criticism of

any anyone else’s beliefs for me the

idea that there was no such thing as

Legacy that when I died eventually

everything that I had would become dust

and that anything expanded over a long

enough time Horizon disappears right

which if you are like Christian for

example it’s the whole book of



if you and I think the realization of

that allowed me to quiet my ego a lot

so that I could be more present in the

idea that like this moment will only be

here in my mind and anything that I do

here will not last and so

it shifted how I worked it shifted how I

saw relationships and a lot of my

thinking is around like my 85 year old

self I feel like my number one Mentor is

like my fictitious 85 year old self

because it’s the only person that I

really believe has my best interest at

heart and it’s no ulterior motive and so

there’s this this tweet that I had that

went pretty viral but it was like

listening to a billionaire or a

millionaire I’ll just use that like when

I was in my 20s I wanted to be a

millionaire and when I was a millionaire

I wanted to be in my 20s

and so the idea that my future self

would trade all the money he had to be

poor in 20 again made me really

reanalyze how I saw living life in the

moment if I literally in the future will

value my present moment more than the

achievement of the thing that I’m I’m

seeking right now in the present

then something’s something’s off because

even my future self knows that because

right now I would pay all the money I

have to get 10 years back it’s not even

thinking about it and so then all of

what I’m going to achieve in the next 10

years I would happily give up to be

right where I am right now

and so I think thinking about that

really shifted a lot for me because it

helped me quiet I’m not saying eliminate

but quiet some of the thoughts that are

more ego driven because the ego always

wants to like separate and isolate from

others and prove that it’s better and if

I know that it will all be dust there is

no better because we’re all going to be

destined so in that same way if like if

we’re all going to be Dustin we’re all


like two very strong frames for me at

least it helped me quiet that aspect and

I think in that way I was able I think

you can ask my people but like I think I

was able to show up better as a leader

there’s been able to show up better as a


um so I better like to make content

things like that like I don’t think I

could have made the stuff we make now

five years ago because I still think it

would have been more it would have been

to proving something yes perfect 100 of

improving proving someone proving a

fictitious foe wrong

right right they’re all talking about

right no one cares about you exactly and

so that was really and it’s like I had

to shift from like no one cares about

you to


I really want to have a shirt that says

no lives matter but I feel like

no one cares about you yeah yeah but I

feel but I think there’s like a lot of

like meat to that where it’s like if we

can because in that way we are all equal

and so it’s I think it’s almost the most

egalitarian perspective is that like in

the end we will all be dust yeah and so

I think in that way that’s like we have

these exchanges that we have

um and in some ways it makes it more

beautiful I say this because all of us

right I do this I do this all the time

right and this is going to be a repeated

theme because it needs to be repeated

right we need to be reminded more than

we need to be taught that is a saying

that we have in my world and I will I

will pass that on to you guys MOSI

Nation we need to be reminded more than

we need to be taught do the boring work

repeat successful actions and so

if he’s gotten to this point or if

you’ve gotten to a point in your

business and it has plateaued the

question is has it plateaued because

this is true like I have the only reason

a business should Plateau that is

reasonable that is not your fault is

that you have reached the total

addressable Market as in you have

saturated the total the total Market of

that thing so for example if you were

selling dog food and every dog within

this time you know maybe you saw a

specific type of niche of poodle food

right you’ve gotten you know 70 of

poodle owners to buy your food and you

can’t grow anymore beyond that right

well that would be reasonable but then

you’d obviously just do a different type

of dog right you’d you’d hop verticals

right so there’s not even a reason but

it would be the only potentially

rational reason

um would be uh that your Market uh has

changed so a different example is a

friend of mine owns a company that does

uh newspaper advertising right so they

actually help newspapers translate their

advertisements into digital products

which is pretty cool so they are able to

sell a whole like basically a whole new

ad product to small businesses um who

want to buy ads right which is by the

way how newspapers make money he could

not grow his business because newspapers

have shrunk by 25 year over year which

is 25 compounding the wrong direction

and he’s been in that business for like

10 years so now the market size is like

literally like five percent of what it

used to be 10 years ago and so as a

result of that he was growing at an

inverse rate to the shrinkage of the

industry right and so he got to a point

where he couldn’t grow anymore than just

basically servicing the ones that are

still alive and then as they fell so did

his business right and so that is the

only logical reason that a business can

Plateau that is not in your control and

unless you’re selling new newspapers

which are probably not the reason is

much simpler which is you just don’t

know how and I’ll tell you a different

story that I had and then I’ll I’ll I’ll

wrap this up at the end so I was having

a different conversation with a woman

who was doing I think four million

dollars a year and she was selling uh

info products that were weight loss like

weight loss info products so like

programs and ebooks and things like that

which is cool right she’s a big

following all that kind of stuff and we

got I went I did a podcast with her and

uh after we got off the podcast she was

like yeah so these are my plans I’m

going to be doing like an apparel line

and a supplement line and uh cream line

and whatever right and I just kind of

sat there and I was like well I think

that’s a terrible idea she was like she

just looked at me across there she’s

like what I was like yeah I think it’s a

terrible idea and she was like oh and I

was like why don’t you just take the

thing that’s making you four million

dollars and make it make you 10 million


where you do that

and the and the answer is the same as

the first answer I just don’t know how

and I was like right well why don’t we

solve that problem

and then not create a new business why

don’t we just put all of our effort in

solving that problem and so I’m a big

believer and this is the the piece that

I want to share with you mosination is

that I’m a big believer in the theory of

constraints which means that a system

will grow until it is constrained right

it has a constraint and then once you

remove the constraint it’ll continue to

grow right until it reaches another

constraint and so

most people are always curious are many

people ask me hey Alex how did you

achieve quote so much in quote such

little time or at such a young age and I

say all that in quotes because so much

could be and young age whatever but I’m

saying I’m just I’m paraphrasing all

right and I think that

um one of the things that we have done

well is prioritizing what problems to


and that is understanding the

prioritization of problems and realizing

that there is really only typically one

or two things that are constraining our

growth and by definition there’d really

only be one thing that’s the constraint

until we reach another thing that might

be beginning to constrain us but isn’t

the true constraint yet I’ve said this

quote many times in our communities and

on this channel which is you must

outwork yourself down right if you feel

like you are not confident then you must

outwork the things that you’re insecure

about if you’re like man I’m selling

these services and I’m not sure I’m not

sure if I’m that good at them then do

more of them and don’t pretend honesty

is one of the most compelling and

convicting things for persuading people

right saying what you are good at and

what you are not good at truthfully will

we knew far more followers and fans and

and loyal customers and loyal employees

than pretending because the end of the

day they can feel that you are

disingenuous because they know that is

hollow they know on the inside you do

not believe the words that are coming

out of your mouth and that is how people

speak without conviction and they cannot

sway others because they have not swayed

themselves because they have lost their

own respect and so I am not the believer

in buying the Ferrari when you can’t

afford it I am not the believer in in

affording the home and paying for the


that you cannot afford because you want

to pretend like this is the lifestyle

that you want to be around if you go

into the guise of networking you can

still go to those places without buying

a four million dollar house when you

you’re barely making you know a few

hundred thousand dollars it doesn’t make

sense I like Jay-Z’s quote around this

which is if you can’t buy something

twice don’t buy it once I really like

that and so

this is one of the most common questions

I get for newer entrepreneurs because

they think that they have to they have

to they have to pose on Instagram in

order to get to to get wealthy and what

it does is it conflates sequence Jeff

Bezos is famous because of what he did

not because he became famous as Jeff

Bezos and then used his following to

build something Elon Musk is famous for

what he’s accomplished not for being

Elon Musk and then creating something as

a result right let the actions be the

thing that gives you the fame rather

than yourself right at least that is

that is Alex’s two cents in my viewpoint

in the world and I think most of Mosey

Nation you guys uh share that belief

with me and for those of you who are new

to this channel

um you’re going to get more of this type

of stuff uh and none of the fake until

you make it nonsense that is a sure way

uh to be broke and I will tell you this

as a last thing

the amount of people who in 2008 when

everything crashed who were faking it

until they quote made it

just faked it until they lost it all

because they lost what little amount

that they had because they were so

overextended but I can tell you that

just about everyone can become wealthy

if you choose to live on Lower unless

than you make right and that is a ratio

wealth is a ratio not a number all right

and so anywho uh if you are having

struggles with this question I would

pause it I would I would beg of you that

you build your own respect first that

you’re honest with yourself first and if

you always maintain the Integrity of hey

last year we we got smashed right this

year we’ll do a little bit better and

two years from now when you do even

better than that you can be truthful and

people will believe you but if you

always are telling a story about how

you’re always doing so well hey everyone

will hate you B no one cares and C you

will know that you are full of it and at

the end of the day I think that is the

only thing that we’re going to keep with

us and when we die once everyone’s going

to forget about us anyways so you might

as well at least enjoy yourself while

you’re alive

V is having the the desire

for something that someone else has that

you do not have so you’re lacking and

someone else has something that you want

and do not have that is Envy jealousy is

when you have a threat that someone is

going to take something that you have

that they do not have all right and so

for example I’ll give you an example of

each so Envy I may be envious of a

friend of mine so um I was actually

talking to a good friend of mine who

owns a big weight loss company and right

now he’s doing better than I am and now

I am envious of his success I am I can

feel it I’m envious I got off the phone

I was like I’m envious of you right

on the flip side if someone comes to

talk to Layla right it is the fact that

they pose the threat of taking attention

or her attention that I think should

continuously belong to me that I would

feel jealous over I haven’t had I

haven’t felt jealousy in a long time but

that is that is an example it could also

be like with your kids if you have some

you know some other adult in their life

starts taking their attention or has

more influence over them you are jealous

of the influence that that person is now

is threatening your influence over your

child right so two examples they’re

nuanced but I think it’s important and

when I was talking to Nick barely about

this I was talking about how I think

Envy um gets a bad rap and I’m not going

to go into the spiritual religious side

of this or even the happiness side of

this because I think Envy absolutely

does not make you happy

but I do think that Envy will make you

successful all right and so this this is

where I want to kind of dive into this

Envy is adaptive right as human beings

this is actually from our old brain

right this is animals have this too they

are envious of one another and it’s

because if in a group one person or one

being one animal whatever brings more to

the table you are now envious of that

person and what it does is it elevates

the rest of the group to go and achieve

the same which is good for the

collective not happier for each of the

individuals but is a pro survival tool

right and so for me understanding this

and at least being able to name the

emotion rather than saying I don’t like

this guy or I’m angry at this person or

having this negative feeling that you

cannot put words to instead being able

to say I am envious has been very

relieving for me because now I can

actually tell those people hey I’m

envious of you and for some reason I

think it just creates another level of

Candor because it’s a certain level of

vulnerability and saying you have

something that I wish I had but then

you’ll notice that the conversation is

not defensive on that person’s part most

of the time they’re like well I’m let me

help you and it’s only when we guys our

intentions or trying are trying to feign

you know pretend to be a different way

than we are where people also can sense

that you’re being disingenuous like

great job man right when realized deep

down and they can tell from your your

subtle tonality changes and the way you

look that the um that you’re actually

not happy for them right and so I think

if you can at least say it then it

actually gives you power now

in terms of judging your motivations

because obviously you might think that

Envy is a bad uh motivation

it is my belief that I would rather deal

with people who do good things for bad

reasons than bad reasons for good things

um or I said the same thing twice but uh

they do the right thing for the wrong

reasons rather than the wrong things for

the right reason all right I’d rather

someone who does the right outcome and

he gave me an example that was really

powerful he said a friend of his was a

top Navy SEAL

and uh you know one of the best Navy

Seals he trains Navy Seals just a total

badass right and before that he was an


and he talked about his experiences

being an EMT is that most people think

you know EMTs have to be really caring

that you want them to you know they have

to save these people’s lives every day

and he said uh the Navy SEAL was saying

I was not compassionate at all I didn’t

really care that much about the person

who was on the table in front of me but

what I did care about was my stats I

cared about the status of being the best

I wanted to have the fastest to the

hospital I want to have the highest

survival rates highest success rates of

the people that were under my care

because I cared about myself being the

best and so the question is

if you were the person who was on the

table having a heart attack would you

rather have the compassionate EMT or

would you rather have the

self-interested EMT who is doing it for

status well if it were me I’d rather

have the guy who wanted to Pride himself

on being the best in the world and

didn’t even care about me at all because

I knew his result was going to be more

Pro me than the other persons and so I

think that as as humans as entrepreneurs

we judge ourselves a lot on our

motivations and our in our intentions

but I think that if we can take a step

back and a name the emotion so that it’s

not this amorphous thing that we can

understand but then take the next step

and say is this is this a pro adaptive

emotion is this something that’s going

to help me or is this an emotion that’s

going to drive me to do something that

is negative and I think at least even

even in naming that we can increase the

time between emotion and action and the

further that time Gap is in general

the better the quality of the decisions

we make because the more rational we are

we’re never completely rational because

we’re we’re emotion driven beings and we

have limbic systems that override things

but the more we can decrease the

triggers of the emotional triggers that

that cause us to make bad decisions

ultimately the better decision we make

and so

I I say all this to say big picture

first naming the emotions is important

second it creates space so we can make

better decisions third we can analyze

those decisions and say is this

something that is going to help me in my

life or is this something that’s going

to hurt me and then as a result of this

we don’t have to judge ourselves as

strongly on why we are doing things and

rather what is being done because

candidly I am a very envious individual

and maybe this is me just


rationalizing my own negative you know

emotions who knows but at least for me

saying it that way and framing the

thought process in that way has helped

me feel uh better about myself and just

not or really just less bad if that’s

probably a better way of saying it and

not constantly berating myself for

having desires that I think are wrong

and so uh Dan Sullivan said this and

I’ll end with this is that

when people want something if you want

to make more money if you want to have a

bigger house you want to have a bigger

car you want to build a podcast Studio

whatever right

he said wanting is reason enough

because so many times we ask but why do

we want that

we’re probably not going to change the


and so letting us letting ourselves

desire things and giving ourselves

permission to desire things uh and

myself specifically has been incredibly

freeing and what it’s done is given me a

tremendous amount of my attention back

that used to be allocated to analyzing

why I’m feeling this way or why this is

right or why this is wrong and instead

accepting the fact that I want something

and that wanting it is okay as long as

it is not something that is hurting

other people and that it’s not something

that is hurting me most people most

Champions do not have something that you

do not have they lack something that you

have or a champion in the Physical Realm

a lot of times it’s they don’t have an

off switch they just keep going you have

an off switch their lack of it which is

what drives their success and so to the

same degree you probably do things every

single day that you should not be doing

and so what I want to introduce to you

is a concept of the anti-routine as the

most productive routine that is humanly

possible for you to accomplish what you

want so number one is obviously just

shifting the perspective I need to do

more things and I need to add more

things to my routine when in fact you

need to stop doing things that you’re

currently doing all that remains is the

work to be done and then you become very

clear about why you are not being

affected so number one is that

priorities mean two things cannot be

equally important and here’s the

mentally challenging thing about this is

that when you work on something and

let’s say I spend 30 minutes on this

thing and I spend 30 minutes on Item B

if I spend 30 minutes on both things and

I say this one’s more important than

this one I can say that but that’s not

reality because I basically just said

they were both important which means

neither of them are which is why most

people cannot get done because they

cannot say no a lot of people don’t need

a new things to add to the routine you

need to have a routine of saying no an

anti-routine and that is the thing

that’s going to yield those outsized

Returns on productivity you can’t say

yes to everything and therefore it means

that you can’t do two things with

different levels of importance it’s

either important or it’s not important

if it’s important it means you mean to

say no to everything else so if you say

this is the priority then it means you

do not do other things besides that

thing that is how it is a priority that

is how you literally prior prioritize

what it was was setting the tone and the

reason that my views on business have

dramatically shifted is that I have

always had a tendency to lean towards

strategy acquisition monetization

pricing structures and all of that stuff

is important but I think within a

business there are two components to it

you’ve got the smarts and you’ve got the

hearts and you have to have both and I

think that most people overestimate the

importance of smarts myself included and

I think that there’s a lot to do with

the hearts because business strategy

overarchingly is not that complex but

like you really think about it right

it’s like you got to find something

that’s good that people want and you

sell it for a lot more than it costs you

to do it and you do as much of that as

you possibly can like that’s kind of the

idea right and the thing is is

it gets lost in the execution it get

lost in the doing right as soon as you

hire first employees you’re like no

employees can’t boys can’t do what I can

do it’s like well that’s a horrible

belief you should probably change that

before we try him before that’s a

limiting belief right if you want to

have a big business and so when I think

about this from a cultural standpoint

and this is what has shifted for me is

that it’s become so much more about the

soft skills it’s so much more about

coaching and developing the leaders of

the company it’s it’s so much more about

addressing behavioral dynamics of

someone that are limiting them more so

than it is about tinkering and I can’t

help but think that so many

entrepreneurs myself included I spent so

much time tinkering and and tweaking

things like what if we change this in

our sales process what if we change this

on this page what if we change the offer

like this what if we change this on the

price what if the payment terms all

these different things right and think

about this for a second for yourself how

many things have you tinkered with in

your business over the last however many

years how many months and your business

hasn’t changed at all right

because the real problem is not the

strategy the problem is not the smarts

right the problem is the heart right the

people are not doing what you want them

to do because they don’t understand why

they need to do it and why it’s

important right and that’s the soft

stuff and you’ve got you know people who

don’t want to talk to each other because

they don’t like each other because one

guy’s really annoying and so it’s like

it would be it would better serve you to

fix that problem than to try and come up

with some new strategy right realizing

that has been one of the biggest

breakthroughs that I’ve had in my career

those two stories should illustrate the

difference between

um having a championship mentality

um and having a loser mentality and what

might be going on in your business and

I’ll leave you with one more story

really quickly so if any of you has ever

been on a championship team right if

you’ve ever played in a sports uh Arena

or whatever and you’ve been on a winning

team you’ve been on losing team right

and you’ve probably been on a losing

been a lot of good players but you guys

were not connected you weren’t concerted

you weren’t aligned right on the flip

side you had a winning team and it was

like everyone should have to practice

everyone you know tried their hardest it

was the effort and the consistency and

the alignment of the team that

accomplished the goal the rules are the

same everyone was trying to do the exact

same thing and so when you think about

the entire business landscape right your

competitors have access more or less to

the same talent pool that you do they

can see what your strategy is overall

and most people are not that dumb right

and so as long as you have a relatively

sound strategy like you’re not selling

things at a loss right then the

difference between the two is going to

be your ability to execute and have

people execute on your behalf and so

that’s going to become that like for us

as CEOs we do shift towards becoming

championship team coaches which is why

John wouldn’t if he had run a business

would have had a championship business

because he focused on the fundamentals

and one of my favorite sayings of all

time is Advanced people never don’t do

the basics Advanced people never don’t

do the basics I would go to I would go

to these stages and I’d watch guys get

on stage and they’d say you know we we

follow up with all of our leads you know

within five minutes you know when we get

on sales calls we always ask them why

they’re there we label them a problem

you know we overview some of the past

things they’ve done and then they follow

a clear framework that as soon as

someone buys we you know we have a good

onboarding process and nothing they say

is revolutionary

it’s just that they actually do it and

the people are actually on their behalf

they’re not the Vince or don’t have a

manager like Vince who’s telling them

they don’t that they shouldn’t have to

do that work right who’s sabotaging the

business what they did is they set the

tone and then they carry the bar and so

their job is to be intolerant of

anything but excellence and to reinforce

that in the culture so that it’s

consistently executed across the company

because that between two companies with

the same strategy will make the

difference between somebody who who

yields disproportionate Returns on

Advertising crazy profits good growth

great retention on employees low

turnover from a company that doesn’t

have that right even though they both

have the same strategy or even if the

smaller company has the better strategy

this guy will win and this has been one

of the most profound shifts that I’ve

had in a perfect world if everyone had

absolute information and everyone was

unbelievably well trained and you had a

great infrastructure and all that stuff

then yes the more products and services

you offer in theory you would make more

money but we don’t live in that

theoretical world most of the time and

most small business owners are not that

good at operating right it’s the number

one issue they have they’re super

disorganized they feel like they’re

spinning the wheels all day their team

completely has no idea what which way

they’re going they change things all the

time Etc and so in an effort to combat

that we have used this process over and

over again and it has worked very well


this follows we sell two things and I’ve

done this in virtually every business

that I’ve ever owned we sell two things

two products or two services and this is

once we’re going from one to ten million

all right zero to one million you sell

one product or one service one Avatar

all right that’s it one channel one

product one Avatar that’s it right but

once you’re going from one to you know

one to three-ish million and you’re

trying to go to ten you introduced the

second product line and so here’s how

this works if you have two things that

you sell you’ll have a front-end thing

and you’ll have a back-end thing we can

still have a massive accommodation in

the buying curve based on the payment

terms that we introduce so for example

people will look at their monthly

expense more than the total contract

value that’s a huge money hack I’m

giving you right now this is a wealth

hack this is something that will make

you a fortune in your life if you can

properly understand this people do not

look at the length or the total contract

they’re signing they will only pay

attention to what is it going to cost me

every month because no one is good with

their money all right so they only look

at the cash flow expense month over

month over month and they just think can

I make it happen yes cool I’ll sign they

don’t think about the total contract

value for you as a business owner the

contract value matters almost more than

anything so I’ll give you a quick hack

on this total side note tangent for you

life hack Pro tip if you want to extend

the contract value that you have I have

a saying which is the bigger the head

the longer the tail all right and so

what that means is the more you can get

someone to pay up front and relative to

The Upfront cost of signing up or what

they paid down

the lower their contractual recurring

payment is the stickier it will be so

I’ll give you an example if I had

someone sign up for 99 a month for

whatever it doesn’t matter that price

point might be medium sticky depending

on the value that I have now imagine I

had someone pay five thousand dollars

down and 99 a month after that how much

more sticky would it be significantly

more sticky now the beauty is if you

have one of these upfront type payments

you can also use that to liquidate your

ad costs cover your commissions for the

salesperson cover The Upfront

fulfillment and onboarding which is

going to cost more for a new customer

than an existing customer and so you can

build all that in if you know that the

thing that you are selling has very high

gross margins then you can still have a

lower cost as long as you know that the

person is going to stay for a long time

and So based on how you structure the

pricing you can actually get some you

can use the pricing to actually get

people to stick longer Pro tip complete

that is it moving back to the original

thing that I was talking about in one of

our portfolio companies we actually had

this as a really in-depth discussion

that we had to make a decision about all

right and so they had a different you

know Mentor person whatever advice uh

who told them that they should have

three products and they should have uh

you know low a medium and a high product

and then based on uh you know what the

salesman thought the salesman would sell

them the low medium or high in my

experience it is not that effective and

that is because the salesperson can’t

decide which of these things they’re

trying to sell most of the time and so

what we have found is more effective is

you give the salesperson the one dream

to sell this thing is going to solve

this person’s problem and we make it the

most valuable thing that we’re trying to

sell because at the end of the day you

do want to solve the the customer’s

problem right we do want to actually

make sure that we’re providing value

rather than having a diet a medium and a

great right Simply Having one thing that

solves all the problems and then based

on the the customer’s budget we can

decrease how they pay all right so hear

me out so let’s say that uh we want to

do a uh this is a six month

implementation of whatever kind of

solution you sell if you have a six

month duration you can have the person a

pay the entire thing up front so that

would be for somebody who has the

highest budget version two would be a

split pay version three might be three

payments right with at twenty percent

higher and then finally you might have a

have a have a you know a six pay or

whatever over that period of time so one

two three six now here’s the cool thing

the more payment options you provide the

higher your conversions are that’s

proven all right so the more options you

give someone to pay the more people will


period now you might not make more cash

flow because if you give your sales guy

more options then they might use they’ll

end up defaulting to the lower ones

right but if you have one thing to sell

then they only have one thing to

convince the person of because a

confused mind doesn’t buy if you have

too many options the salesman won’t know

what to sell and the prospect won’t know

what to buy and so I prefer when I’m

coming into a portfolio company I’m

thinking what is this true problem that

we are solving with this business for

what Avatar and we make that the main

thing and we communicate it clearly in

the scripting and the salesperson has

Clarity on what they are selling and

they’re always solving the same thing

and so the question becomes no longer

which of these things are you going to

buy but once you are buying how would

you like to pay and so then the

discussion is around what payment plan

is best for them rather than what

product is best for them and so by doing

that you can get people to go between

different payment terms that is not

going to change whether they’re going to

buy but if they’re unsure about which

product is going going to best suit

their needs and the salesman doesn’t

know because at the end of the day he’s

just trying to sell the most expensive

thing then you’ll have way more confused

people who leave unsold so this is a

single tactic that you can use to

execute within your business which is

why I’m a big fan of making offers

people cannot say no to is that you can

focus all of your sales and all of your

persuasion attempts on selling the one

thing which is getting them to say yes

once they say yes we can we can reach

the we can accommodate their wealth and

their budget based on the payment terms

that we provide and if we have done we

have structured our offer properly the

offer in and of itself should already be

very high gross margins which means

whether or not the person pays a

thousand dollars a month or a hundred

dollars a month it’s still almost all

margin for us because of how we

structure the thing that we are selling

and so we are able to capture Higher

ltvs by getting the people who have more

money to prepay the thing up front that

is how we do it and with those people

you’ll be able to ascend into the second

thing faster because they’ve already

prepaid that thing and then you can

solve the next natural problem in

another sales conversation rather than

trying to pick all of the things in one

conversation which makes it incredibly

difficult to do this is just for

everyone again a broad brush stroke of

statements for most entrepreneurs who

are not very good at operating their

businesses uh her operations is not

their strong suit and are below three

million dollars a year

because you made it this far in a video

I want to celebrate you most people

start and don’t finish most people never

actually follow through most people say

they want something but they don’t ever

do the work to actually get it but

you’re different you are special believe

Nation you made it here all the way to

the end and I love you so it’s a special

celebration if you put a hashtag believe

down in the comments Below on this video

I will showcase you and celebrate you

somewhere on the screen in a future

video because you are awesome for 10

more amazing rules from Gary vaynerchuk

check the video right there next to me I

think you’ll love it continue to believe

and I’ll see you there

the process of doing something you

actually like is my great addiction the

fact that I am able to actually wake up

day in and day out sleep easily for

seven eight hours a night and wake up

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