How To Make $10k in 60 Days using MOF

These are my notes on how to make $10k in 60 days action plan using Ministry of Freedom (MOF) training course. The notes come from watching the training video module titled, “60 Days To $10K” Formula. These notes also represent a part of my accountability diary while I watch the MOF training course and subsequently implement what I have learnt. If you would like to purchase the MOF training course, you can click here.


The video presentation I am referring to is an overview of how to make $10K in 60 days using MOF. It highlights how to use the organic method with ideal timeframes, which means that you are not using paid traffic, but it guides you on how to scale your business. Here is a graphic overview of the various stages.


launch jackingYou begin by using the Launch Jacking method for the first 15 days. You Launch Jack by consistently making one YouTube review video per day. During this period, the use of the MOF rotator is going to incentivize you so that you can accumulate cash through sales and obtain emails.


soft launchAfter the first 15 days, you will then be getting into the ‘soft launch’ process. This stage takes 3-5 days. The ‘soft launch’ is basically creating your very first digital product, either by giving it away as a bonus or selling it, but its focus is not to be making a massive amount of money. The purpose of this stage is more about building up your experience for putting together a “soft launch”. Your soft launch product can either be a digital training program or a software.


launch boosterAfter the soft launch stage, the next stage will take you 10-20 days where you will be officially launching a product that you have created. This is where you are going to get affiliates to help promote your launch so that you can make money, but more importantly, where you will be rapidly building up your own email list. If you are a paid member of MOF, you will get access to the Launch Booster, which will significantly help you kick-start your first launch.


how to make $10k in 60 days with the high ticket MOF - paid trafficBy this time, you will have built up your own email list from which you will be able to make money through its use. This last stage will take you through to the end of your 60 days. It is advisable that you reinvest the profits you made from your first launch into paid traffic. Paid traffic will expedite your income results, hence the reason why you were going through those initial stages as identified above (to help you start generating money for paid traffic).


A few take-aways from the video were:

how to make $10k in 60 days with the high ticket MOF - golden nugget

a) don’t get stuck in the Launch Jacking phase for too long. If you make 15 videos before the 15 days, then move on to the next stage.
b) don’t stay more than 5 days in the Soft Launch phase.
c) don’t get stuck in the Launch Booster stage for too long.
d) be consistent throughout the process.
e) you will need an autoresponder to manage your emails. You can get that here.
f) you will need a YouTube channel to post your videos.


metrics on how to make $10k in 60 days with the high ticket MOF Here are a few metrics I gathered from the video:
a) you can roughly generate about $1,000 per commission.
b) if you spend $500-$600 in ads, you could generate $1,000 in sales (gross).
c) try to get a minimum of 20 sales per month since that can give you about $20K a month (best case).



You can make $10,000 in 60 days by following a plan using the Ministry of Freedom (MOF) training course. This plan includes making one YouTube video a day, creating a digital product, and using paid traffic to get more sales. It’s important to stay consistent and use tools like an autoresponder and a YouTube channel. If you follow the plan, you can make $1,000 in commission and up to $20,000 a month. If you would like to purchase MOF then please click here.

Or you can also read up about the MOF AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSE FOR BEGINNERS here.

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