Craft A Perfect Email with 45 Blank Templates

Email writing tools are essential for creating effective marketing campaigns. In this free course, you’ll get access on how to craft a prefect email with 45 blank templates and expert guidance on writing great emails.

Get the email writing tools you need to create amazing emails. Whether you’re just getting started or want better results from your emails, get the tools, guidance, and expertise you need to succeed. Here’s what’s included in this free course:

More than 45 fill-in-the-blank copy templates

Writing emails has never been easier or faster. Add your info to the blanks in the templates like a game of MadLibs. Then, simply paste the content into your email marketing platform and send.

How to write every email you should be sending

Unsure what emails you should send and what to write in them? Learn about the most important ones – like automated emails, survey emails and sale emails.

Homework to help you take action

To prevent procrastination and help you apply what you learn, you’ll get manageable homework broken out into simple steps that you can complete in less than 15 minutes.

Expert copywriting strategies to optimize your emails

Trying to get more opens, clicks and sales from your current emails? Learn copywriting tricks that’ll catch your audience’s attention and help you surpass your goals. Here’s a sneak peek at the templates.


Learn proven email copywriting strategies and take action with step-by-step homework. Follow these simple steps to get and complete the course:

  1. Sign up for the email writing course, where you’ll be able to download your guide and get access to over 45 fill-in-the-blank email templates.
  2. Open the emails when you receive them and read the lessons inside.
  3. Do the homework! With short, easy-to-implement homework in the course emails, you can level up the templates in the guide or refine your own content.
  4. Finally, measure your success and refer back to what you learned in the course to keep optimizing your emails.

Join more than 20,000 people who’ve taken this course to learn how to write emails that help them reach their goals.

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