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MOF2.0 logo for Affiliate Marketing Course - MOF2.0 IntroductionSo I recently purchased the Ministry of Freedom 2.0 (MOF) affiliate marketing course for beginners from WarriorPlus.

MOF is a high ticket affiliate marketing course to help digital marketers use video reviews to make digital sales, and for creators to create their own products and know how to launch them. Here is an introduction of what the course has to offer.


Once you become a member of the MOF training program use can immediately start applying the techniques you’ll learn from the Quickstart guide of the Ministry of freedom aka MOF.

Now, the aim of the Quickstart guide is to get you making money online as soon as possible. And this is something that the creator (Jono Armstrong) wished he had when he started making money online.

He had to do all this organically. He didn’t have anyone sending him sales. So, the aim of the course is to get you making money as soon as possible. And they’re going to do that by incentivizing you to take action. Inside of the Quickstart guide they have broken it down into baby steps.

First of all, you’re going to learn how it works, which is, by you learning how to put information on YouTube that other people are actively searching for.

Where Do I Get Online Products? logo for affiliate marketersYou will learn how to get online products through the platform

On that platform there are multiple product launches that are happening every single day. And for each one of these product launches there are people searching on YouTube for more information on these products. (FYI – is a website with many reputable affiliate marketing creators post their digital products websites.)

affiliate marketers can use YouTube to find product reviews of productsSo, they will go over to places like YouTube, and they will search for, for example, this product here, human synthesis studio, they will go and type that into YouTube, because they want more information. So, we have all of these.
We have all of these people on YouTube, looking for information, they’re going to YouTube to look for more information, all we need to do is put more information in front of their eyes, by a way of uploading a YouTube video.

How Do I Make The Money?

MOF2.0 affiliate marketer makes money onlineOkay, now this can be somebody else’s video, it can be one of our videos, we’ll get there eventually, step by step.
So, in the link of our video, we put our affiliate link, which people will click on. And by doing so it goes through to the sales page of this product, where we get paid. Okay? Pretty simple.

We’re going to start doing this by using other people’s videos on muncheye, and I’ll explain this in a second. But over on muncheye. For every single one of these products, that is launched that generally, there is a demo video.

Okay, and what we can do, and I’ll show you how to do this in the next module, so, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it right now. But for what we can do is we can go and take the demo video from one of these products, and we can simply just go and upload it to our YouTube channel.

Now there is a software that you need to run it through first to make it unique. So, it’s not going to be seen as copyrighted content. But basically, these demo videos right here, we can just go and copy them. And we can upload them to YouTube.
So, the first and the easiest way we’re going to be doing it is:
• take other people’s demo videos
• then run it through the software
• next upload it to our YouTube account, and
• finally we’ll be making money through the rotator.

Okay, we’ll get into more information on this later on.

How Do I Get Traffic And Customers?

important affiliate marketing metrics to look out forYou can do that on a rotator a maximum of five times and then you have to progress. And what I mean by progress is we’re going to be taking these baby steps.

Okay. So, the next thing the second way that we’re going to be doing this is by making our very own quick introduction video that can be like 20 seconds long, you don’t need to show your face, you’re just going to be it’s going to be a way of progression as towards the end goal, which is ultimately going to be making our own review video.

So, you’re gonna make your own introduction, and you’re going to edit it into the demo video, I’m going to show you how to do that, you can use that a maximum of five times on the rotator as well before you progress on to the next stage, which is going to be making what I like to call a faceless review, which is a full, we make our own demo video.

Basically, I give you access to the software for free, you can go make your own demo video without showing your face without having a webcam on. Right. And then finally, I’m going to show you how to make a proper review video just like I do and any other super affiliate and these make a ton of money. And I’ll talk about the reasons why and all that kind of stuff later on.

Now I’m going to be adding the link that you upload whether you upload somebody else’s video or whether you upload your own video, I’m going to be taking your affiliate link and I’m going to be adding it to what I like to call a rotator.

Now a rotator is a software; it’s called a click rotator for any of you that are familiar with this. And what it allows me to do is take multiple people’s links, and add it to this click rotator So, when I send my traffic to this rotator, it goes through each one of your links periodically like not randomly but each one it goes through each one of your links.

Now because this has come from my traffic and it’s going through to your links, it means that you’re going to make sales. Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll make sales on every single rotator. But generally, people make money from these rotators.

Do I Get Help To Get Sales?

Affiliate marketing worker doing the Affiliate Marketing Course - MOF2.0 looking for helpNow, please understand, the rotator is a bonus, do not rely on the rotators. The reason why I’m giving you access to these rotators to begin with is because I’m incentivizing you to take action.

The only way that you can get on a rotator in the first place is by making a video or uploading a video now to start with, like I said, is going to be uploading somebody else’s video. But gradually, I’m going to take you through so that you get to the point where you actually upload your own video. And I reward you for doing that by adding you to the rotator.

Now, like I said, the Rotator is a way of you making some fast money. But this is incentivized learning because ultimately, I want you to be making your own videos without using the rotator because ultimately, that’s where I make my money, I just upload my own videos to YouTube. And so, do a lot of our other members. And people get results organically without the rotator. But in order to stimulate you to make these videos in the first place, I need to incentivize you, I need to bribe you to do this.

Ultimately, I know once you get into the habit of doing it and you understand what you’re doing, you’ll be able to start flying and making your own money. But it’s just this first period where you’re just learning how to do this, I really incentivize you to do this. But the end goal is for you to go out there and do it on your own.

Right. So, you’re going to be earning while you’re learning I’m going to be giving you all of the bonus pages, you don’t need to make anything on your own is very, very easy to make money using this.

And another reason why I do this is because once you start getting results inside of your affiliate account, it’s really going to give you a motivational boost. And hopefully that boosts will prompt you to start doing this on your own and not relying on the rotators okay, but either way we’re going to be incentivizing you and getting you earning money as soon as possible.

Where Can I See The Product In Action?

So, I’m pumped for you. Without further ado, let’s get into the training and I can show you the things that you need to get set up in order to do this and make money.

You can purchase the Ministry of Freedom 2.0 full affiliate marketing for beginners training suite here

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