5 Tips To Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines

Are you struggling to get your emails opened and read? Writing a compelling subject line is crucial to capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to open your email. Here are 5 tips to writing compelling email subject lines that get your emails opened:

Keep it short and sweet

Aim for a subject line that’s around 40-50 characters long. Shorter subject lines are easier to read and more likely to grab attention.

Bad example:Hey, we have a great offer for you
Good example:Don’t miss out on 50% off – today only!
Bad Example:Amazing offer that you don’t want to miss out on! Check it out now!
Good Example: Last chance to save 20% on our products!

Be specific

Let people know what they can expect to find inside your email. Vague subject lines are less likely to be opened.

Bad example:Our latest newsletter
Good example:10 tips for writing better email subject lines
Bad Example:Newsletter for August 2023
Good Example:Exclusive tips to increase your email marketing ROI

Use personalization

Address your subscribers by name to make your emails feel more personal. Personalization can help you build a stronger connection with your audience.

Bad example:Get our latest product update
Good example:Hi [Name], check out our new product feature
Bad Example:Hey there!
Good Example:John, don’t miss out on this special offer!

Create urgency

Use language that encourages people to act quickly. Urgency can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and prompt your subscribers to take action.

Bad example:Sale happening now
Good example:Last chance to save 20% – ends tomorrow
Bad Example:New product release
Good Example:Only 24 hours left to claim your free trial!

Use emojis

Emojis can help your subject lines stand out and add some personality to your emails. But use them sparingly and make sure they are relevant to your content.

Bad example:New blog post alert
Good example:🎉 New blog post alert – check it out!
Bad Example: “🎉🎉Amazing news 🎉🎉”
Good Example: “🚨Hurry! Limited stock available for our best sellers 🚨”

By following these tips, you’ll be able to write subject lines that get your emails opened and read. Don’t forget to A/B test your subject lines to see which ones work best for your audience.

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