5 Tips for Working From Home

There’s been a real trend for flexible work arrangements, including working from home, even before the current situation.

While the concept sounds great (working from your couch in your pyjamas!), it can actually be really difficult. There are pets and children and chores just sitting there waiting to distract you at any given moment. Add in Netflix and your bed and you could just have a recipe for disaster.

Never fear – I have some tips to establish an effective working from home situation so that you can enjoy the perks while also being productive.

1. Get ready for the day

Working From HomeOne of the biggest perks of working from home is that you don’t have to get dressed in business attire.

Business suits? Gone. Full face of makeup? No way. Pajamas all day? Well, this may present a problem.

While it sounds nice to work in your pajamas, this can actually lead to a lack of productivity. Our brain is never told to get out of sleep and relaxation mode, meaning you are likely to get distracted easily. This doesn’t mean that you can’t forgo the heels and make-up, but it’s worth establishing some sort of morning routine where you get up and dressed to indicate to yourself you are entering work mode.

2. Create a designated work zone

Similar to the above point, working from bed or your couch sounds like the dream, but it doesn’t help productivity.

Set up a space that is designated for work so that you have a distinction between home and work. That way, you will become accustomed to focusing on work when you are in that space.

Make sure that the area is well-equipped with comfortable furniture and all the stationery you need so you won’t be distracted looking for things.

3. Commit to certain break times

It can be easy for everything to blur into one when you work from home but try to commit to regular break times. It will help you to maintain boundaries between work and home, but also give you time to refresh.

4. Plan your days

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of working from home, but a little structure helps to make sure you stay on track.

This doesn’t mean you can’t schedule things like catching up with a friend or doing laundry, but having a plan will make sure you complete the things you need to.

5. Set boundaries

Finally, try to set boundaries for yourself so that you can dedicate the time required for you to work.

You can try limiting your access to your phone doing certain periods or committing to sessions where you won’t do housework.

I hope this article has helped you understand 5 Tips for Working From Home

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