5 Steps to Build a Social Media Presence

A social media presence is a vital component of starting a business today because everyone is on social media, and because it also provides an inexpensive venue for promoting your products or services. If you don’t yet have a strong social media presence for your business then check out these five simple steps for building one.

1. Secure a Name

5 Steps to Build a Social Media PresenceGet a social media “handle” that accurately reflects the name of your business—and if possible, use your exact business name to boost your media presence.

Make sure that the names you use on different social media sites are consistent, in order to avoid confusion and make it easier for your clients and customers to find you online.

2. Make a Content Plan

 This can be the tricky part for people who feel they are too busy or don’t know what to say. Keep it simple and make a calendar to follow.

Consider for example, posting a helpful tip every Wednesday, and a funny video on Mondays.

“Press coverage” of your business activity is great to post, such as the opening of a new location, a new menu item, or people using a new product.

Company culture posts keep your page light and engaging, while re-posting content that reflects your company values is an easy way to keep the ball rolling.

3. Spread the Word

5 Steps to Build a Social Media PresenceEncourage company employees, their friends, and family members to follow the company page on all of its social media platforms. Expand the network by taking networking suggestions.

With a little bit of growth every week, you’ll find that your internet presence will multiply exponentially, with a little help from your friends.

4. Level Up

You don’t need to eat a magic mushroom and increase in size to level up when it comes to social media. You may however need to shell out a small budgetary contribution.

Advertising sets your posts apart from the daily posting avalanche that inundates every user in today’s world.

Sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all have business tools that allow you to cater and direct ads towards certain user demographics, which is an incredibly cost effective tool.

5. Tell a Story

5 Steps to Build a Social Media PresenceDon’t just make your postings random and haphazard.

It’s fine to throw out unassociated posts and re-postings, but not all the time.

If possible, once you’ve mastered the basic elements of social media, you should consider making a story for your brand.

For example, think about if you’re developing a new menu item. Show the chef at work the different phases of research and development, right down to the finished entre on the plate.

Digital storytelling engages your clients and sets you apart from the pack which helps build your social media presence.


These 5 easy to follow social media steps, if consistently applied, will boost your online presence. The key however is ‘consistency’.

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