4 Digital Minimalist tips to simplify your digital life

Digital minimalism refers to the conscience use of technology. Putting this knowledge into practical use helps efficiently solve problems for a particular purpose, rather than losing hours to unintentional scrolling; such a person is called a digital minimalist.

Digital minimalists use technology more purposefully to reduce time wastage, become more productive and improve their mental well-being.

If you are interested in jumping onboard the digital minimalism train, here are 4 habits of a digital minimalist that you should be aware of. These are things that everybody can incorporate into their routine to use technology more purposefully.

1. Closing pages and programs when finished using them

Digital minimalists always close their pages, programs and apps when they are finished using them. They avoid clutter and tempting distractions by typically only having one thing open at a time. They will use that program, then close it immediately. This prevents distractions the next time you open your phone or computer as you will be presented with a blank screen to begin your particular task, forcing you to act with intention.

2. Only using technology when required

Another habit is only using technology for particular purposes. Digital minimalists avoid using technology for the sake of it, such as for mindless entertainment while filling in time.

Instead, they identify when they need it and only use it for that particular purpose. This helps to reduce time wasted and improve productivity.

3. Tracking technology habits

Established digital minimalists are very good at tracking their technology consumption. They use apps or their own systems to understand how much time they are spending staring at our screen and how they can minimize this time. That way, they can free hours to spend on the things they enjoy and use their time on a device more productively. Understanding where your time and attention is directed is the best way to identify where you must make changes.

4. Always filing things in the appropriate location

Clutter is one of the biggest enemies to digital minimalism. Create a simple but effective filing system where you can easily store all of your digital files.

This way, it will always be easy to find what they are looking for. It will also reduce distractions that may occur if you are hunting through folders trying to find a particular document or photo.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to digital minimalism, especially in the modern world where technology plays such a significant role in our life.

Use these 4 tips to become a digital minimalist and control your technology consumption.

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