10 Ways to Use Your PLR Content

Do you have a lot of PLR content but don’t know what to do with them? Or perhaps you need some ideas on how to use it?

In this post, I’d like to share 10 ways to re-purpose and monetize that PLR content that you have.

Here are the 10 Ways to Use Your PLR Content:

1) Create a coaching program

Use your PLR to assist you in creating your coaching program. You can easily create a 6 to 12-week coaching program.

2) Start a membership site

A membership site starts with having content. Why not add PLR information inside your members area?

3) Create a year’s worth of content

Need newsletter material? Easy to do with PLR products!

Split the content of a PLR eBook into 52 parts, giving your subscribers a lesson each week.

4) Combine multiple PLR products to create an up-sell

Upselling is a sales technique where a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

5) Use as bonuses for affiliate marketing

Promoting an affiliate product? Offer PLR products as bonuses for buying through your link.

6) Use as bonuses for your own product

Increase the value of your existing product by providing content from PLR material.

7) Convert a PLR product into a video

Upload to YouTube, Instagram or any other social media platform.

8) Translate PLR content into another language 

Translating your PLR content means that you can tap into an audience that’s less saturated.

9) Create lead magnets

Build an email list by offering PLR eBooks in exchange for your visitors’ email.

10) Rebrand a PLR product with a new name and new design

So instead of a PLR that’s titled “FaceBook Marketing 101”, you could re-title it to ‘FaceBook Marketing For Absolute Beginners’.


There we have it.

I hope this article helped you understand 10 ways to use your PLR content .

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